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St.-Patrick’s Day 2014

On Monday, I invited Toby, Fiona, Amendaria and Rudy  to my place to celebrate St.- Patrick’s day. I planned out this wonderful day: we could have  some fantasy flavoured tea and some rainbow cake first, then we could go leprechaun hunting and we could end our day by going to the local Irish pub. When Toby arrived I noticed they took an extra guest with them.

Toby and Fiona were the first ones to arrive. But they were not alone, they took another guest with them. He was the cousin of Fiona and his name was Roberto The Racoon. They brought him along since his girlfriend just broke up with him and he needed some distraction.  Only five minutes later Amendaria and Rudy arrived.

After we all had a cuppa and a slice of my delicious homemade rainbow cake, we went leprechaun hunting. To make it more exciting we divided ourselves into three teams: Fiona and Roberto, Toby and I, Amendaria and Rudy We decided that the first team to catch a leprechaun won and was allowed to keep the gold (given to them by the leprechaun) to themselves.

Toby and I spotted different leprechauns and try to catch ‘em all, but couldn’t succeed because they were too fast. All of a sudden I got this wonderful idea. I remembered that I still had some pokéballs at home and thought it would be a good idea to use these to catch leprechauns. Toby thought this would work, so we went to my place to get some pokéballs and continued our hunt. After looking for five minutes we saw a fat grumpy leprechaun, sitting on the grass next to the rainbow. Toby and I decided to split up and approach the leprechaun from two different directions. That way he would have less places to run to. He saw me when I was only 12 feet away from him and tried to run away, but I threw my pokéball and caught him just in time. I couldn’t believe it worked! We actually won! Toby and I took our mobile phones and texted the other teams to meet us under the Marshmellow Tree. When we got there we released the leprechaun. When he got out he started talking: “Where am I?! Who are you?!” Toby replied: “Hello sir, please calm down, we don’t mean any harm. My name is Toby and these are my friends. We’re leprechaun hunting.” The leprechaun replied: “Leprechaun hunting? That doesn’t sound very respectful, does it?” All of a sudden I felt guilty about going hunting and catching him. I turned to the leprechaun and said: “It doesn’t sound very respectful, indeed. We’re sorry if we upset you. It’s not our intention.” The leprechaun replied: “You’re forgiven. I guess you expect me to show you where I hid my pot of gold and give you some of it’s content now?” To this I said: “That are the rules of the game. But please, introduce yourself first.” The leprechaun replied to this: “My name is James Mac Donald. I’m the oldest leprechaun around. Now, if you’ll follow me, I’ll show you where I hide my pot of gold.” The leprechaun walked us to where he hid his pot of gold and gave us some of it’s content. After this I said: “James, I feel a bit guilty about the whole thing. Please, would you like to come to the Irish pub with us to celebrate St.-Patrick’s day. I’ll buy you some drinks to make up for the whole thing.” To this James replied: “That sounds lovely. I’ll be there in an hour. Save me a seat!”

Toby, Fiona, Amendaria, Roberto, Rudy and I went to the Irish pub where we met James an hour later. We partied together, all night. I hadn’t had so much fun in a very long time and it was all thanks to James. He’s such a funny leprechaun. I think we’re going to be great friends.


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